Polish Drop Dumpling Recipe

Winter is here and its cold! I’m a toss up, I do like the warm weather but if it could stay a mild 70 degrees all year, I would be happy. But, I know…it’s Cleveland!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pierogi Roses, Flowers and Key chains are on sale. No code needed.

Back in the day, I grew up in Slavic Village on Fullerton Ave the time were it was truly an all Polish Village. My Grandmother lived three houses at the corner of E. 55th and Fleet, which the house is now torn down.

A time when it was safe to walk to Jaworski Meat and the Red Chimney for pierogi. If you knew my Grandmother, she was always on Que with her dinner. Every day was planned out for the week and Thursday was Polish Drop Dumplings. Grandma’s dumplings were delicious! Probably due to all the butter. Her dinner included dumplings with gravy, onions and beef roast, a side salad and apple sauce. We also put the dumplings in chicken soup.

I recently came across this recipe from the Polish Your Kitchen, wow! If you haven’t seen this website, be sure to go to it. Not only does she give this great recipe, she has a video on her making dumplings. The recipe has a few ingredients but if you don’t make it right, it comes out uncooked and mushy.

I prefer my dumplings in chicken soup.

How you eat your Polish Drop Dumplings?


Stay Safe Everyone!


Chef Gina xoxo


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