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Elferelli The Italian Elf

Elferelli The Italian Elf

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 Elferelli The Italian Elf is an adorable 14 inch, plush dolls. 

He comes with Italia Flag on the Hat, the year and the name Elferelli on the front all in vinyl. An adorable fake Pizza is in the box. Pizza flavors vary. 

Please note: the 2022 edition has working in black. (Elferelli and 2022)

Elferelli comes in his own personal box, which is great for gift giving. 

Elferelli comes with an adoption certificate and an Elferelli poem on the back of the box. The dolls themselves are not actually from Italy but made in China, they are enhanced and shipped from Ohio. 



The Italian Elf 

Ciao said Elferelli as he arrived at Elfski’s place. 

It’s been quite a journey as he gave a big embrace. 

Sant'Agata Feltria Italy is very far from here. 

But this is where I’d rather be as he wiped away a tear. 

Please tell us more about this special Christmas town. 

As Elska wiped away her hidden Christmas frown. 

This Christmas town’s in Italy for every girl and boy. 

Where Babbo Natale had me making every kind of toy. 

The custom’s very different then any other place. 

You should see this custom of this woman’s dirty face. 

A witch La Befana puts gifts in children’s socks 

She climbs down dirty chimneys and tries to beat the clocks. 

The Feast of Seven Fishes is done on Christmas Eve 

And Oh those dirty dishes you never would believe. 

Elfska looked confused as she gazed into his eyes. 


We’re very glad you’re with us on this special Christmas Day And since you are Italian we all need to say 

Buon Natale everyone may your Christmases be bright 

may some happiness be brought to you on this very special night. 

© All Rights Reserved 

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