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Elfski® & Elski the Polish Elves

Elfski® & Elski the Polish Elves

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Elfski® and Elski the Polish Elves are adorable 14 inch, plush dolls. 

They come with a Polish Eagle on the hat, the year and their name on the front all in vinyl. An adorable Pierogi out of felt is attached to the hand with Velcro. 

Elfski® and Elski do come in their own personal box, which is great for gift giving. 

Elves come with an adoption certificate signed by Święty Mikołaj and an elfski poem on the back of the box. 

The dolls themselves are not actually from Poland but made in China, they are enhanced and shipped from Ohio.



The Polish Elf 

(The Elski who sits on the Shelski) 

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Elski’s on her way 

Oh what fun it is to watch her cook and bake and say Hey 

Elfski is mad it makes her sad she cooks and cleans all day Kolaczki cookies everywhere all lined up on the tray 

As she bakes they disappear right before her eyes As Elfski gobbles all them up she breaks down and cries. 

Stop eating all the food get ready for the night 

Christmas Eve will be here soon you have to look just right! 

Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Elksi’s on her way! 

She’s the one who’s ready now for Christmas Day! (repeat) 

© All Rights Reserved 


The Elfski That Sits On The Shelfski 

It was the night before Christmas when Elfski arose, His eyes opened wide and he struck an elf pose. 

His tummy was growling a year had gone by 

He yearned for pierogis I need some he cried. 

Potato and Cabbage Prune and Cheese 

I’ll take one of each won’t you give me them please? 

Boiled or fried I crave for them all 

Butter and onions I’m hearing them call. 

So I’ll sit on this shelfski until Christmas Day 

And enjoy my pierogies until I can say 

May your Christmas be bright! 

May your dumplings be plump! 

And your pierogies cooked right! 

© All Rights Reserved 

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