Lake Erie Perch

The best fish I every ate was back in the 90’s, when my Uncle Emil took us fishing on his 32 foot cabin cruiser named: Tortac. He docked his boat at Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland, Ohio. My brother and I would drive to meet him in the morning and he would take us out fishing for hours on Lake Erie. I have to say those were the best times of my life as a kid. .

The Tortac

The Tortac

Uncle Emil was a great fisherman. Everyone knew him at the club and for all his fishing awards. Matter a fact, at his funeral he had over 100 cars and Edgewater Yacht Club put on the entire luncheon.

During our excursions we would be miles from shore in the middle of Lake Erie. You couldn’t get back to land quick, so we would eat out on the boat. Catch a few fish, eat a few fish. If you ever had fresh fish like this, you would understand that the taste is so different. It’s buttery, fresh and melts in your mouth. We use to laugh let’s just sit here all day and eat! It was just that good.

I found a recipe on line that is the same recipe he used on the boat. It’s a simple recipe and easy to make, but don’t forget the pierogi side dish!

You can find the Perch Recipe here, (click me)

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