Wholesale for Stores:

  • Send Pierogi Gifts your business name, Tax ID paperwork and email of which you will be checking out with.

    - a wholesale code to check out will be sent to you.

  • View & order online at www.PierogiGifts.com

  • Pierogi Gifts offer’s

         - 40% off your entire purchase order,

  •  - items will come packaged with Pierogi Gifts label.

  •  Some items are excluded on wholesale, due to a different manufacturer.  Those items will show no discount take off at checkout. 
  • Accepted payments are: Checks, Paypal or Credit Card. You can pay with Credit Cards thru Paypal without an account. We now have a lay-a-way plan on our website.

    * Not Accepted: Money Orders, COD, Rain Checks, Bonds, Trades, Gift Cards, Food Stamps, Bank Transfers, any other money app service.

  • Since all of Pierogi Gifts items are handmade, please allow

                3 weeks for delivery in the US. For large orders please contact

             PierogiGifts@gmail.com .

  • $150.00 minimum order for wholesale products. (starting Jan 1, 2020)

  •   Our logo of Pierogi Gifts is the only approved picture that can be used to associate with our products

  •  Pierogi Gifts is the only approved name that can be used.

  • .Pierogi Gifts does not buy back products that you have purchased or

                did not sell.

  • If you would like your business name to be placed on Pierogi Gifts website, please let us know.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email

We look forward to working with you.

  • Chef Gina