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Elfenstein the Jewish Elf Doll

Elfenstein the Jewish Elf Doll

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Elfenstein the Jewish Elf Doll is an adorable 14 inch, plush dolls. 

They come with a Star of David on the hat, the year and their name on the front all in vinyl. A dreidel is attached to the hand with Velcro. 

Elfenstein comes in his own personal box, which is great for gift giving. 

Elfenstein also comes with a dreidel game and an Elfenstein The Jewish Elf poem on the back of the box. 

The dolls themselves are not actually from Israel but made in China, they are enhanced and shipped from Ohio.

****Elfenstein now comes with no belt.  He has green bottom and red top, still with the stripped socks.***


The Jewish Elf 

A Jewish Elf seems crazy to some, but Elfenstein’s job was completed and done. His job was to work to make toys all day, for Hanukkah instead of Christmas Oy Vey! The Elfs back home could hardly wait, to hear what he learned and how to create. A dreidel that spins and a game that was fun, and Latkes, and Kugel, and Challah OH YUM! Bubbe was busy cooking all day, cleaning her tchatchkes for a special display. The gelt that was given had shiny bright gold, it taught about charity is what I was told. The menorah was lit with the candles so bright, eight days of festivity seemed just about right. Hanukkah was very special indeed, a celebration of a miracle that was greatly in need. But now that it’s over and the lights have grown dim, let’s all remember that it’s all about Him. Who says we can’t celebrate throughout the year, for we are protected and need not fear. 

So remember each other day by day, and love one another in a special way. SHALOM 

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