Wholesale for Stores:

  • Send Pierogi Gifts your business name, Tax ID paperwork and email of which you will be checking out with.

    - a wholesale code to check out will be sent to you.

  • View & order online at www.PierogiGifts.com

  • Pierogi Gifts offer’s

  •      - 50% off on Glass Pierogi Ornaments
  •      - 40% off clay handmade Pierogi gifts and.              dolls

  •      - 30 % off on non Pierogi themed jewlery as well as metal earrings.  ( due to a different vendor


  •  - items will come packaged with Pierogi Gifts label.

  •  Some items are excluded on wholesale, due to a different manufacturer.  Those items will show no discount take off at checkout. 
  • Accepted payments are: Checks, Paypal or Credit Card. You can pay with Credit Cards thru Paypal without an account. We now have a lay-a-way plan on our website.

    * Not Accepted: Money Orders, COD, Rain Checks, Bonds, Trades, Gift Cards, Food Stamps, Bank Transfers, any other money app service.

  • Since all of Pierogi Gifts items are handmade, please allow

               We typically ship right away,  however please allow 3 weeks for delivery in the US. For large orders please contact

             PierogiGifts@gmail.com .

  • $150.00 minimum order for wholesale products. (starting Jan 1, 2020)

  •   Our logo of Pierogi Gifts is the only approved picture that can be used to associate with our products

  •  Pierogi Gifts is the only approved name that can be used.

  • .Pierogi Gifts does not buy back products that you have purchased or

                did not sell.

  • If you would like your business name to be placed on Pierogi Gifts website, please let us know.

  • Private labeling available for glass Ornaments minimum quanity of 1000 pieces. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email

We look forward to working with you.

  • Chef Gina