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Elfenko The Ukrainian Elf

Elfenko The Ukrainian Elf

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Elfenko The Ukrainian Elf is an adorable 14 inch, plush dolls. 

He comes with the Coat of Arms of Ukrainian on the hat, the year and the name Elfenko on the front all in vinyl. An adorable Pierogi out of felt is attached to the hand with Velcro. 

(Elfenkos now don't have a belt has a green bottom with red top. )

Elfenko comes in his own personal box, which is great for gift giving. 

Elfenko come with an adoption certificate and an Elfenko poem on the back of the box and a yellow and blue ribbon that is attached to his hand with a safety pin.  Perfect to wear on a coat to show support for Ukraine.

The dolls themselves are not actually from Ukraine but made in China, they are enhanced and shipped from Ohio. 


The Ukrainian Elf 

There once was an elf named ELFENKO who came from the land of Ukraine He worked very hard for Rizdvo creating a Candy cane 

One day he laid eyes on ELFSKA his life would not be the same He loved how she made Varenykys he wished that she’d take his name. 

Vitayu he yelled when he saw her she wasn’t quite sure what that meant She focused more on her pierogies and less on his heavy accent. 

Oh what could he do to persuade her he was the Elf for her 

“You know in Ukraine we have Christmas not once but twice a year!” 

Now this might have caught her attention but something else came to her mind If Elfska went with Elfenko her work would be double time! 

This Christmas would be a delight if he could convince her he’s right But for now we’ll conclude to wish all of you 

To all and to all a good night! 

© All Rights Reserved 

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