About Me

Chef Gina's love for Pierogi's started when…


…”her mom replaced her bottle with a fully cooked Pierogi”.

Wanting to take the love of Pierogi's to the next level, Chef Gina developed her Famous Pierogi Art for years, and now brings these hand made gifts to you.

Don't worry, these Pierogi's aren't real.  They are handmade from clay.  No Food pieces in these dumplings.  So let down your babushka, grab your rose hip tea and crank the Polka Music. 

Ohio Native Gina King aka Chef Gina has a passion for creating, realistic fake food.  Raised on a carb diet of Pierogi's and Golumpki (a traditional recipe of meat such as ground beef, mixed with rice, onions, and spices that is then rolled in a cooked cabbage leaf, stop, you're making me hungry), this Polish girl took her talents to make Pierogi themed gifts.

If Chef Gina sounds familiar to you, she also is the Founder of Chef Gina's www.chefginas.com where she makes fake food of all sizes.  She started her brand Chef Gina's LLC in 2000.